Story board - from ‘Cyber Warrior’

Story boards and Direction for Fashion, Theatre and Film

drama                                                                 eccentricity                                                         diversity

Story boards and Direction for Fashion, Theatre and Film

‘Cyber Warrior’

Photographer - Bread and Shutter

Fashion Merchandise - Cyberdog, Camden

Actress - Alma Omar

Assistant Stylist - Alice Guemmane

Creative Director - Amanda McGregor

Drama                                                         Eccentricity                                                             Diversity

Photographer - Barry Read, Bread and Shutter

Actress - Alma Eno

Photograph Head set Light - Amanda McGregor

Fashion - Cyberdog, Camden, London

Assistant Stylist - Alice Guemmane

Creative Director & Story Board - Amanda McGregor

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Whilst acting as a channel direct from 'Creation' I work with visions and energy psychology to increase productivity. These expanded states of awareness facilitate heightened skill sets, so in relation I can connect with and work with your already established experience in your industry and enhance the relationship of the audience or buyer so they will connect and enjoy. I channel intelligence, open up your performance level  and work with my expanded consciousness, actualising and manifesting the thoughts and creativity on paper, mixed media, photography or video and through planning and team work.

Using holistic approaches and clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsistence (clair means beyond the normal), it is possible to channel designs, concepts, sound, scripts,  visuals, strategies, work with communications, company dynamics, create story boards, characters, objects and embrace style.

Story boarding using 'visualisation' for films and theatre was very successful in ‘The Secrets of love and life’, produced and written by Michael Davis. A musical in which seven reporters are challenged on the QUE2 to fall in love before reaching their next destination. 'Piccadilly Circus'  (click) is an example of a digital sketch used as a story board. below, 'Cyber Warrior of Peace', is an example of a section of a story board with drawings and Photographs for a project in fashion.

Letchworth Garden City – A new vision was created for this garden city since capitalism had changed and compromised the intentions of Ebenezer Howard’s original vision. Alternative Planning.

Clive ‘Be-ing’ Clare, a documentary about the transformation of gender by understanding and embracing one persons ‘anima’.

First step consultation

Using Creative Development

Creating a Vision

Creative directing, for film, fashion, theatre, Interior design, communications, Media

Character Development

Holistic approaches for Human Resources

Psychometry of objects: Looking at the presence and milleu

of the ‘object’ or ‘character’.

(The aura of the art work, object or person)

Company Strategies & intentions; Clearing Pathways

Corporate or Business I.D. (Concepts and  Company Names)

The Vibration of Brand Names

Raising Consciousness using Design

Integrity of the company

Responsibility and respect in Creation

Automatic Writing

Sound Vibrations

The Role of Visualisation

Kinesiology with staff dynamics

Teaching a person to be the 'Creator' and work with their inner 'God'.

‘Downloading’ from Source and other energy vibrations:

Documenting data, creative material from Source and the Universe, Creative streams of writing, stories, poems, scripts, Visions and Sounds.

Using visualisation, integrated consciousness and creativity it is possible to give your project the magic it needs to fly. There are many ways of helping individuals, companies, projects and communities to develop in dynamic ways through engaging with the holistic ‘parts’ of the project and how it connects to the world.

Residential courses, seminars, workshops and meetings are available, we use a specific studio/ workshop space that works for the project. Please contact me on 07939 512 837, for more details.